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Feeding Your Golden Retriever

Feeding Your Golden Retriever

All Golden Retriever puppies will nurture from their mother until they reach the age of seven weeks. Once they reach the age of three weeks, they should embody fed with puppy food, which you should soak and mix into a warm grubby compound. This way, it resembles the food they carry from their mother, and they will learn quickly how their food tastes and how they should eat it.

Once you bring your puppy home, you should always make sure that you use the same food that he has become accustomed to. The breeder will start training the puppy with food, and it’s up to you to ensure that he gets the food he has come to know. Golden Retriever puppies have very delicate stomachs, and they trust be very receptive to any changes in their food.

When you first bring your new Golden Retriever puppy home, he or she may not be unusually interested in eating for the first few days. Being in a new home can be stressful for the puppy, which is why you shouldn’t sinew him to eat. The puppy will also realize that he doesn’t have competition at the food bowl, because he is away from his litter. You shouldn’t worry if he doesn’t immediately eat, as it commit take him some time.

Once your puppy has slept through the night, you should takings him outside and let him relieve himself, then pack him in and give him some food. You should also intent feedings throughout the day, such as the morning, middle of the day, then at night. Once you own forthcoming feedings, you should make sure that you stick to this plan so that your puppy will get used to it.

Keep in mind that the last feeding of the day doesn’t necessarily need to be set in stone. You should always mainspring to feed your puppy at least a half an hour before you head to bed, so that you can take him outside after eating. If you time it just right every night, you can feed your Golden, take him out to use the bathroom, and still have plenty of time to get ready for bed. At night, when you sleep, you should have puppy pads or newspapers in an area that your Golden is familiar with consequently he can use the bathroom if he can’t dispose you to take him out.

First the first few weeks, your Golden will eat a little bit of the food. Once he has reached 8 weeks of age, he should be on dry food with a little bit of warm inundate added to it. The best way to feed is to keep adding a little bit of warm water to the food, and let the pup eat until he is faultless. If you progress to close this throughout feedings, your Golden will begin to eat all of his portion.

Keep in observation that you should never rush him, or change anything about the way he feeds. Golden Retrievers will eat their share, although it will take them a bit of time to develop the proper eating habits. As the puppy gets older, his stomach will grow and he commit begin to eat more. During this span, you won’t need to embody any water to his food. Golden Retrievers are a truly unique breed, a breed that loves to equal fed - and craves attention. If you stick to your plan when your puppy is minute - he will exemplify a healthy eater as he gets older.




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